"A thought provoking show with hilarious humor, and down to earth drama. The audience laughed and cried. It was so entertaining...." 

"This show moves people. It's a great work of art..."

"I thought I didn't like musicals, but this is a story with great music...funny and touching." 

 "The Dream Café Musical!"
Book, music & Lyrics by Katie O'Regan

Welcome to Rhymeington,where the DreamCafé, Salon and Healing Arts Center is ready to heal what ails you. Lovers, dreamers, parents,workaholics, and even angels find themselves transformed and inspired in this self-help musical comedy! Get a little good-hearted therapy from thisnew-age comedy, drizzled
with plot twists and toe tapping music, fit for the entire family!

The Cast:
Marcello,a hypnotist and healer who rides a Harleyand paints.
Leo, a successful middle-aged musicianwho just got divorced,and starting a new life in Rhymeington.
Mara A corporate editor and part-time cabaret singer from New York City sent to Rhymeington by her Aunt Liza to get some rest and relaxation.
Sydney, a high-strung hairdresser in Rhymeington.
Charlotte, a sophisticated corporate woman from New York City looking to re-connect with her family.
Frenchy, a new-age healer and Chef at The Dream Cafe and Salon.
Pink, the comical,inspirational muse.
The Spirit Dancer, a Magical Spirit who embodies the Spirit of healing in Rhymeington.

Allcopyrights reserved Katie O'Regan 1995