Dick Edwards, fellow Luther College classmate of Phyllis Yes, will do his special dynamic, hour-long presentation!

Please be invited to attend this very special event in conjunction with our production of "Good Morning Miss America! Thursday at 5:30, in The Opera House at Hotel Winneshiek, on the set of "Good Morning Miss America".  Author and speaker Dick Edwards will present...
"Mom, Dad... Can We Talk?" Family Conversations That a Difference as Our Parents Grow Older

How do adult children navigate the stage of family life when their parents are getting older, when they are aging? How can they help ensure success, minimize stress and optimize pleasure? What are the common issues and concerns? What are the steps to help ensure success?? Who does better? How do family roles and relationship impact the process? What are the Five 'ates? The Four Ds? The conversations? Adult children want to do the right thing, but what is the right thing? What can aging parents do to make things easier?

Join Dick and our cast, along with the author of "Good Morning Miss America" Phyllis Yes, on Thursday, April 25, 5:30 pm, at The Steyer Opera House in Decorah, Iowa. You'll be glad you did! This event is free of charge. Dick Edwards will have his excellent book available for a discounted rate of $10. "Mom, Dad... Can We Talk?"

Dick's book will be available for purchase for $10. Dick's book will also be available for purchase at the shows.

Time and Date: 5:30 On Thursday April 25th.

Go to his website for more information: