Katie O'Regan

Katie is an the founder of Klare Productions, Inc., a consulting company dedicated to helping organizations and executives build better places to work. She is an the former Artistic Director of Sacred Noise Society, Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the arts through Theater Production and Education.  Having spent 10 years in Milwaukee, ten years in Chicago and ten years in New York City, she is happy to be back to her home stopping grounds, in beautiful Decorah, Iowa where she works as a Development Officer for the highly acclaimed academic institution, Luther College. Katie spent her high school summers away from her family of nine, which includes six awesome brothers, living on the campus of Luther College. Although, Katie attended College elsewhere as an undergraduate and graduate, Luther is where she garnered much of her formative philosophical beliefs about service to the greater community, and an appreciation for the power of integrative arts within a liberal arts education.